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Makua Micro-Philanthropy App

We're on a mission to make giving a core part of everyone's life

Lots of things in life make us feel good. From music, to movies, to food. (You probably have Spotify, Netflix, and Yelp right)? But we believe that giving (especially on Makua) will make you feel the best. Give it a try, you'll see what we mean. Join the #MakuaMovement

Welcome to your new giving hub.

Get inspired to give

Search for causes you care about, and instantly explore amazing nonprofits. Whether you're into protecting the Amazon or helping disabled children thrive, get involved and get inspired.

Feel good, not guilty

Our content makes you feel good, not guilty. See what causes your friends support and scroll through the most inspiring content you've ever seen, from baby elephants being rescued, to families being re-united.

Your giving profile

See all your donations in one place, work towards philanthropy goals and unlock achievements. Signed up for a monthly donation to breast cancer research? You just got raffle tickets to win cool prizes and wow'd all your friends.

Giving is super easy

We hear it all the time: donate buttons don't work, it takes way too long to fill in your card details, or maybe you left your wallet in the car. With Makua, you can donate in seconds with a couple of clicks. (Apple pay is the best).
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Meet the team

We're a collective of millennials, gen-zers, and a dog named Nahla. We come from all over the world, from California to Greece, and we're a community of rebels with a cause.
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