Community giving is the future.

Makua is a giving app helping nonprofits build a thriving community of monthly donors through community memberships.

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What is Makua?


For donors

Makua is a giving app that’s easy, fun and social. Think impact scores and getting inspired to give.


For nonprofits

Create a community for monthly donors in the app so supporters feel connected to your mission.


Why start a community?

Incentivize monthly donations πŸ“†
Attract the next generationπŸ‘Ά
Mobile-first engagement πŸ“²
Donating made easy, fun, & socialπŸ₯³
Make donors feel connected πŸ•Έ
Gain unrestricted fundsπŸ’²

How it works.

Your new call-to-action

Your story needs a call to action that is much stronger than a donate button. With Makua, invite people to join your exclusive community of monthly supporters, where they can stay connected and contribute not only their money, but themselves.

Membership tiers

Your supporters can choose a monthly donation amount, and in just two clicks, they will unlock access to your community. From there, you can easily cultivate deeper relationships with your members.

Share authentic content

People want to feel connected to your mission, gain deeper insights into your work, and join a group of like-minded people. Share quick authentic content, whether it's a day-in-the-life selfie, or a quick video update and watch your community bloom!

Gamify the donor experience

Makua helps donors visualize their impact and stay engaged. If they refer a friend to your community, their impact score goes up. The longer they donate, the more achievements they unlock. Makua makes giving fun.

How to get started?

1. Create

Create a community for monthly donors

2. Grow

Invite people to join your community

3. Engage

Share exclusive content for members


Apply to join.

We are partnering with a small number of nonprofits to participate in our Q4 cohort. If selected for this cohort, you will get one-on-one support to ensure your community succeeds and discounted pricing.

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