Makua is the
"then what?"

Have you ever felt inspired to take action after watching a powerful documentary, only to feel lost and disconnected once the movie ends?

The same goes for donating to nonprofits.

There's often no clear call to action that truly motivates people to give and stay connected to the cause. But what if you could join an exclusive community of supporters - where you have a voice, feel a sense of belonging, see the impact of your support, and learn how to take action?

What if you could feel closely connected to the cause and the people behind it?

That's where Makua comes in.

Makua is not just a giving app, nor a simple platform for incentivizing monthly donations. It's the "then what?" after your moving story. It’s the call to action that authentically engages your supporters and keeps them committed to your mission.

With Makua, your organization can provide a community hub for monthly supporters where they can stay involved and contribute not only their money, but themselves.

Fostering a sense of belonging and engagement can help further your organization's mission by keeping your supporters dedicated to your cause long term.

If you're an innovative and results-driven organization looking to create a thriving community of advocates, we invite you to apply for our July cohort.

Let's work together to bring people closer to the causes they care about and raise humanity.

With love,
Amy Dugan & Forrest Skerman-Stevenson, Founders.


Who are we.

We're a collective of millennials, gen-zers, and a dog named Nahla. We come from all over the world, from California to Greece, and we're a community of rebels with a cause.

Apply for our September cohort.

We are partnering with a small number of nonprofits to participate in our September cohort. If selected for this cohort, you will get one-on-one support to ensure your community succeeds and discounted pricing.

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